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1. Outsourcing of some of your legal activities would be beneficial to you, because it will result in:
a) Cost savings
b) Better quality of the service provided
c) Higher punctuality when meeting deadlines
d) Reduction in workload for in-house staff

2. If you operate your business within the EU, where would you outsource your legal activities:
a) At an appropriate EU destination like Bulgaria, which will match your expectations in terms of legal and business environment, culture, languages and time zone at unbeatable prices.
b) At an established off-shore / near-shore destination, far away from your clients and markets, accepting all the negatives and positives that would come along with this option.

3. Is extensive experience in the LPO industry mandatory, considering this industry is new and still evolving?
a) Yes, it is mandatory
b) No, it is not mandatory

4. What legal activities do you /would you / outsource?
a) Document review
b) E-Discovery
c) Legal research
d) Legal coding
e) Due diligence
f) Compliance
g) Risk management

5. Have you already outsourced part of your legal activities and where?
a) Yes, within the EU
b) Yes, outside the EU
c) No, but we plan to do so
d) No, and we do not plan any


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