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Technological innovation is constantly transforming businesses globally, and our clients are leading the digital revolution. We work closely with our clients to understand their market environment and strategic goals.





When a leading national cable TV and telecommunications services operator needed help in preparing and handling summaries of 25+ key provisions from sophisticated end customer service agreements, for due diligence purposes in the course of a large-scale M&A deal, we were actively involved in assisting the client on complex regulatory and telecommunications requirements. We were involved in providing a complete coverage for the client, successfully meeting tough deadlines, providing comprehensive summaries that streamlined the client’s process for acquiring another major Bulgarian cable TV operator.



Client's executive management and legal department needed quick turnaround on summaries of more than 25 key provisions from sophisticated end customer service agreements, for due diligence purposes.

The client's need for summaries required meeting extremely tough deadlines while keeping first-class quality of the service provided.

The client's internal legal department did not have the time and human resources to handle summaries during this large-scale project.



We were part of a team of approx. 10 excellently trained attorneys, having both local and international legal qualifications and experience, to promptly service urgent summarization requests and deal with the regulatory and telecom complexity of the sophisticated agreements with first-class quality and speed.

We were also involved in advising the client on antitrust, merger control and other competition and regulatory matters.



Get access to top-class quality attorney-level resources having sound business acumen, keen to effectively solve not create problems.

Our ability to scale the multilingual team is crucial for promptly presenting comprehensive summaries of all requested agreements.

The fair and competitive approach to fees, combined with the local and international qualifications and experience of the team added significant value to the client's operations in the process of acquiring the target.



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