U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2018


Access to the vast single European marketplace

We walk our clients and partners through every legal step and procedure leading to their successful operations throughout the single European marketplace.




Our competence in EU law and civil law
You may explore our excellent knowledge of EU law and civil law, as well as the deep legal talent pool available
in the country.


Opportunity costs
The time spent by you to establish a network of valuable contacts in Europe and to tackle with EU languages may be more profitably spent on your clients.


Local market knowledge, time-zones
You may explore our strong local market knowledge to get an easy and fast access to the vast single European marketplace, almost the whole of which
covers two time-zones.


Recognized excellence in the mastery of English, all EU and other languages
Recognized excellent linguistic capabilities in English, all EU languages and other languages.


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Ruseva-Savova & Partners
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Sofia 1421
Bulgaria (European Union)

Ruseva-Savova & Partners

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